Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Same Sex Navy Kiss

Same Sex Navy Kiss

Petty Officer Marissa Gaeta from Placerville shared a kiss with partner Petty Officer Citlalic Snell of Los Angeles on Wednesday as Gaeta's ship, the amphibious landing ship Oak Hill, returned to base at Virginia Beach, Va., after an 80-day deployment to Central America.
It's something new, that's for sure," Gaeta, 23, told reporters after the kiss. "It's nice to be able to be myself. It's been a long time coming."
The two met while training to maintain and operate weapons systems aboard ship. They've been dating for two years.
"We did have to hide it a lot in the beginning," said Snell, 22, in an Associated Press story. "A lot of people were not always supportive of it in the beginning, but we can finally be honest about who we are in our relationship, so I'm happy."
Gaeta was chosen to have the honor of the "first kiss" as part of a raffle in which sailors bought $1 tickets to raise funds for a Christmas party for military children. Gaeta said she bought $50 worth of tickets.
Navy officials said it was the first time a same-sex couple was chosen to have the first kiss. The first kiss is a Navy tradition for ships returning to port.
In San Diego, the premier Navy town on the West Coast, the televised image of the kiss was widely applauded.

The snap of this kiss on the 22 December 2011 was felt all over America and now it's sound is propagating in the rest of the world. Do you like it?

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